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We are AGPR

About Us

Originally known as Aldjufri Gill & Partners and became Aldjufri Gill Priscilla Rizki (AGPR) in 2017. Founders, Fairuz Taufik Aldjufri, Ammar Gill, Maylanie Natalie Priscilla, and Jamal Rizki have strong background and experiences in various legal aspects. Distinguished in expertise and in-depth legal knowledge, we use our professional knowledge all the time in resulting high-quality legal service to our clients. AGPR appointed by the clients owning to the fact that we do not only identify the legal issues, yet we provide legal solutions accordingly.

Our lawyers know and understand how to secure our client need over the complexity of Indonesian regulatory and legal matters. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by developing ourselves not only in the legal matters yet including commercial aspect associated with it.

AGPR, through its 5 Partners and 20 Associates, will assist your legal matters on corporate commercial and capital market, construction, infrastructure projects and its regulatory, banking and finance, including dispute resolutions and manpower. We focus and specialize in our practice area to understand comprehensively direct and indirect legal risks to the matter in question and provide solution and mitigation over such risks.

AGPR has represented various clients from public agencies and private. Notable assisted sectors are banking, telecommunication, waste to energy, manufacture, water, road, construction services, aircraft, and transportation.